The Punta Cana Weather

Sublime weather is one of the biggest draws to the beautiful Dominican Republic. In fact, the weather is so nice here, you could say it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in this Caribbean country. It would be impossible to pick a bad month to visit Punta Cana, as it is warm and tropical year round. Vacationers flock here to bask in the glorious sunshine and to enjoy the extraordinary beaches, which have received top ratings by those who rank beaches internationally. The humidity can be high compared to other parts of the world, but this is balanced by the constant breeze that blows in off the ocean.

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Ever lasting Summer - But Be Aware of the Sun

Punta Cana is a place that truly must be experienced at least once in a lifetime and the weather is a big part of the reason for that. However, while you are enjoying the sun in the Dominican Republic, you should also be careful not to over do it. If you are not used to tropical climates, you may not fully realize the potential effects of too much sun exposure. In fact, the most common health issues for vacationers is sunburn and sunstroke. This is why so many beaches offer covered lounge chairs and outdoor cafes often sport thatched roofs.

How Does the Weather Affect When You Should Visit Punta Cana?

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Many people time their vacation to Punta Cana around the weather patterns. The most popular times to travel to Punta Cana are the late winter and early spring months of February, March, and April. There is also less rainfall during these months. This seems to be about perfect for some people. If you are looking for higher temperatures, your best bet are the months of June and July and it rains less during these summer months than in the fall. December and January are pretty dry on average as well and the temperatures still quite warm if you are staying on the coast, as most tourists do......Punta Cana Weather Averages

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Weather and Climate vary per Region.

Many people don't realize that the coastal regions of the Dominican Republic vary tremendously in how much rain they recieve, with the southern coast getting far less than the northern coast. The Dominican Republic is also a country of microclimates, so it can be important to know the weather pattern for the specific places you plan to tour.

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Generally speaking, it rains more during the fall months than at any other time of year in the Dominican Republic, usually peaking in October. There is a smaller peak of rain in the month of May. This trends is true in all coastal regions, but to truly understand the weather here, you need to keep in mind that at any time of the year it is much drier on the south coast than on the north coast. There really is a big variation.

While no one can predict the weather with absolute accuracy of course, analyzing rainfall data for the last several decades certainly shows distinctive trends for different regions of the Dominican Republic.....Punta Cana Weather per region

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More Specific Weather Information

This is very general information on the Punta Cana weather. More detailed facts about the weather and rainy season in different regions can be found on each destination page. Also, make sure to check the Punta Cana weather forecast before going on vacation to any of those destinations..

The Punta Cana Hurricane Season

The balance of the Punta Cana weather might be, sometimes, shaken by the passage of hurricanes. The hurricane season lasts from June to November, but the highest chance of hurricane strike is in September. In fact, the word hurricane comes from the name of the ancient god of evil of the Lesser Antiles people, 'Huracan'. .....Punta Cana hurricane season